ADDITIVKA is a Board game and App for learning 3D-printing.
Find answers quickly and easily!


ADDITIVKA is a Board game and App for learning
3D-printing. Find answers quickly and easily!
We have been doing 3D printing since 2014 and back at that time we were among the first to launch educational courses "The Art of Additive technologies" in Tver.

For 6 years of work in the field of 3D-printing, we have studied a lot of its aspects verbatim and implemented various activities such as:
- holding several all-Russian competitions where we tested additive technologies in action, going all the way from the idea to the finished product;
- developing and organizing a state-standard professional development course "Additive manufacturing. Layer-by-layer deposition of thermopolymers" on the basis of Tver state University;
- launching an online course "The Art of Additive technologies (3D printing)" on Stepik.org platform.
The products are developed and monitored by 5-year-experienced mentors.

Intensive online training courses in "ADDITIVKA" 3D-printer assembly
Due to the self-isolation, we have decided to contribute to combating COVID-19 and to start intensive online training courses in 3d printing! You can learn 3D printing technology and contribute to the fight against the pandemic as well by joining the movement https://makersvscovid.ru/.
We have the following course formats:
- individual course: we will guide you how to make products with the 3D-printer. It may be either the printer that you bought and didn't use because of its breakdown or the one that you can assemble using our KIT-set;
- family course: you and your 10+ child learn how to assemble your own 3D-printer thus introducing technical creativity and engineering perception of the world to them;
- corporate course: company employees form teams and assemble some 3D-printers independently that becomes a type of team-building work;
- socio-corporate course: a corporation or a company starts an initiative to support its employees and their families during the self-isolation.
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"3D PRINTING" Board game
Initially we developed a Board game (LITE version) for teachers in schools and mentors of further education centers.
Now we've adapted and improved our product (PRO version) to captivate board games fans by brand new management strategies.
What is the essence of the game?
Your goal is to create a successful 3D-printing lab. To do this, you will need to fulfill small and large orders, both individually and in cooperation with each other. Victory is guaranteed not so much by 3D-printers, their upgrades and materials knowledge as by planning, resource management skills and the ability to work in uncertainty conditions.
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  • Nikita Vostrov
    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
    More than 7 years of leadership in the field of engineering additional education. An active promoter of 3D printing technology among young people since 2014. Maker. Project Supervisor. The Potanins Scholar. Professional engineer of Russia.
  • Ilia Lesik
    Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer
    Programmer with 8 years of commercial development experience, his main specialization is UI. A qualified teacher-researcher. Co-founder of "Lessmess" digital agency, organizer of IT events in Tver.io, author of many open source projects (the most famous is React Figma).
  • Mikhail Babaitsev
    Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer
    More than 10 years in 3D graphics. "Industrial design" Supervisor. More than 5 years in the field of 3D printing. Maker. Master of History studies. The Oxford Russian Foundation scholar.
  • Stepan Rogonov
    Backend developer
    More than 7 years in IT. Popularizer of programming among young people. Master of IT Security studies.
    Professional software developer.
  • Sergey Vasilyev
    Consultant of game mechanics
    Consultant of game mechanics. Theoretical physicist in the field of nanoobjects since 2013. Participant of grant support for more than 5 years. Research associate of the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Lecturer of Tver State University. The Potanins Scholar.
  • Lera Lesik
    UX/UI designer
    More than 5 years in graphic and web design. Experienced in commercial and non-commercial projects. Bachelor of Management and Social Communications studies.
Nikita Vostrov
Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +7 904 021 08 42
E-mail: info@additivka.ru
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